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SHREDDERS SPOTLIGHT (Instagram Story) by Jana E. Brown 


I loved the meal plan and how great I felt after eating a much cleaner diet. No more bloating and a lot more energy.
I have to admit it wasn’t easy but being able to see the progress I made at the end of those 4 weeks was amazing. I would tell myself, “Believe in yourself , you can do this”.
During my 4 week shred I lost a total of 11 total inches and 10lbs.
It has been 3 months since I completed my last shred and have maintained what I lost and look forward to doing another SHRED real soon!-Eleanore G.


You're one step closer to becoming more confident, more energetic, & toned! 

 This 28 Day  nutrition and fitness program is designed to produce INSANE results!

 Say bye bye to bloating, cravings, unwanted body fat, and HELLO to energy and lean muscle!


You'll be coached every step of the way to ensure you stay on track along with weekly prize incentives for an added bonus!


Here's what else is included:

►cheat days built in

►Nutrition plan with tons of meal ideas and recipes

►Vegan and Nursing Mom plans available

►access to 20 SHRED workouts (not found anywhere else) to do at home with demo videos in a private group plus several BONUS workouts

►Trackers, journal sheets, and meal plan templates

►Free GIFT for joining and other perks

►POST Shred options for continued results

►Live Streamed workouts 

►Weekly Coaching calls for added accountability 

►Daily mind-set texts and encouragement to keep you focused each day 

👉Men's SHRED & Nursing/Pregnant Mom SHRED Available! 

👉Only $40 for spouse or immediate family

 *there are no refunds

*ask about cash back for referrals



mon, tues, thurs 9:15-10:10 



Bonus Saturdays at 9:30-10:10